Streamline Your Business, Engage Customers and Reduce Costs with Azure AI and Bots!

Join us as we talk with our CSA colleague Melissa Lacefield and learn how she’s leveraged the power of the Bot framework to address some of her customer’s challenges. In this session we also walk through the basics of creating a Q&A bot in the Azure portal! Azure QnA Maker Details.

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About the Author

Ryan Berry

Hello! I am a technology professional with over 20 years of successfully selling, designing, and implementing IT solutions of all sizes. I have a sincere passion for technology both inside and outside of work involving myself with community events such as .NET user groups, FIRST robotics and in helping college bound high schoolers prepare for success through mock technology interviews. It’s easy to be successful in a role that you love and coming to work for me means I get to play with new and innovative technologies to bring bold new ideas to customers solving their business challenges. In my current role, I take the complex world of the cloud and Microsoft Azure, a portfolio of capabilities consisting of over 100 products, and help customers in properly selecting capabilities, tooling, and technical frameworks to product results. My vast technical background spanning technologies such as embedded development, Windows debugging and C# to open-source technologies such as PHP, Python, MySQL and Linux aids allows me to quickly dive into a problem and identify solutions producing quick results using the power of the cloud!